Where are you from?


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I live in Michigan, and i started youtube to enjoy myself more and have my friends enjoy themselves more playing video games. I love making content for others to see because i like making others happy when i can also be happy making them happy. (if that made any sense lol)


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Hey! I'm Terroween. I am from the UK and am only 15. I am hoping to start an entertaining you tube account. I am currently at school. I started because I love video games and wanted to share my experience with other people. I only have one video uploaded but I look forward to my time on YouTube.


Whats up everyone my name is Gio
From Worcester, Mass
Still going to school studying Computer Engineering and cramming for finals as I type this !
Been uploading to YouTube inconsistently ( Something I need to work on) for about 1 year and I do enjoy creating videos. Just finding the time is a task within itself. I love the NBA 2k series and COD but i also want to start uploading indie games from steam or just game that i find interesting.
I work full time as a electronic dissembler, strange job , but it pays the bills. Thanks for reading

YouTube- GioGC


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This is a cool thread!
I'm actually probably one of the only YouTubers in Montana! Please if you are a YouTuber from Montana, let me know so that I know there are other people out here in Montana that make videos. Enough of my desperate needs of closure, I am currently 17 years old, and in High School, yet I go to college for part of the day as well. I have a consultative sales associate job at a business in my hometown right now. We work off of commission instead of base pay.
The reason why I started YouTube, was because I loved entertaining people. Especially the internet! It has always been a dream of mine to share my story all across the world with thousands of people :)


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I play games all my live im from Bulgaria u can guys check my Youtube channel - Strikie i got 30 subscribes !!!! xDD i just finish my new Montage video on Tribes give it a try i garanteed is EPIC ! xD


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Hey! Im Tibbz, Im originally from Germany, moved out to the UK when I was 9 and have been living in the UK since then and am currently working at a call centre for a bank!
I recently started uploading Youtube videos in my free time as I have always enjoyed recording videos and sharing my views on random stuff... My Youtube videos are basically anything that I want to upload in regards to gaming, whether that is Lets plays, Random story videos, First impression games and just my views on certain topics.
Nice to meet you all!
This is such a good topic.
I am 17 and live in the Midwest
Its boring here and school has been very tough so when I got home I would log in and watch youtube gaming videos and they made me happy so that is what I am trying to accomplish.


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