Where are you from?


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So to answer the question, I'm originally from Columbia SC, but I'm living in TN now.

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Jay Carsen

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Totally not a bad forum. Well i am from the Philippines but i was born in Bahrain.
Okay... basically im Filipino but yeah was born and raised in Bahrain. Went to Canada for almost 3 years during high school. Had alot of memories there, then came back to the Middle east. Having alot of ups and downs but hey, life is a rollercoaster ride :)
Hope you all have a great day.

Harius Awesome

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I am a student in the greatest country on earth: the UK. It's funny because insert political joke


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I am from Australia. Specifically Western Australia. Its nice but small. I'm much enjoying the community I'm finding online - more geeky and fun :D


This is really a nice gaming community/forum
I actually reside in Singapore (South East Asia) and what actually drive me to create content on Youtube are the youtubers themselves. They create wonderful content which really makes my day.


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I'm from Croatia and i'm 16 years old.
I started this that i can show bullys from my school that i can make it on Youtube. I also started this with help of my two friends.
Full respect. They same the best vengence is success. And you've found a good community of people here. Not seen any bullying of anyone thus far so welcome and I hope you make some nice online friend :)


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