Where are you from?

I'm 19 from Scotland.
I've always loved playing video games, I watched people on YT that inspired me to create my own channel and it's always been my dream, but I had a lot of crap in school that I was too afraid in case someone found my videos and I didn't have the confidence and all that stuff so ... 6 years later here I am with my own Youtube channel. I love entertaining and seeing people enjoy my videos is an amazing feeling and I really want to work hard to improve. The passion I have for games is what makes me want to carry on with this.


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Hi I'm from the Uk. People have been telling me to do YouTube for years, but I wasn't sure at the time, but then eventually gave in as I feel I have something to give to the gaming community. I love Call Of Duty and I love Music, so seemed natural to bring the two together :)


Hi, I'm from Coventry in the UK.

I work for a water utility company as an analyst (I get to play with excel and SQL all day)

I have 3 children yes 3, all little terrors haha

I Enjoy gaming obviously and me and my oldest son do YouTube :)


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