Where are you from?


My name is MarioSniper, or you can call me Dennis. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico for eleven years and spent the rest of my life here in Florida. I am Puerto Rican, I look black and I have a pretty normal American accent... Go figure right ? lol. Lot's of my friends were confused when I first told them all that. Anyways, I have watched several people on YouTube for many years always wanting to be able to start a gaming channel and play games and show people how much fun I can have by myself and with friends. I want to grow my channel with a community of people who love to see me have fun and are willing to have fun with me by watching videos and interacting with me. I love making videos and responding to comments and hearing feedback. One day, I want to be big enought o be able to make a difference in the world just like Markiplier and other great influnces on YouTube. I wanna donate and I want to help people. I know it's a stretch but I will never stop making videos ever. I will reach that goal one day. Also, I like cats and pizza.


Hey, I'm from England, UK. I don't really have a job since I'm still in school but I've been wanting to find a job for a while. I started my YouTube Channel because when I watch other people's videos, it makes me smile, not matter how bad my day is going, and I want to do the same for others. :D

- Meow xo
You got the right idea going in! Bring a smile to others ^^ Everyone has something good to give back and share! Best of luck to you on your new adventure!


I work full time at a museum in Sweden. Started doing YouTube videos because I love video games, and this thought of sharing my gameplay with others while commenting is something that truly speaks to me. I guess I've always liked to speak in front of a group of people, so why not do it through the internet, amiright?


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Oh cool, this forum is still alive and well. I saw that the one post was from 2013, and I was worried it might've died off. Well, first off: Hello everyone! My name's Garett, I'm 22, and I'm a Psychology Major and a server in a restaurant. I love people. I love entertaining people and making new friends. I'd love to meet any and all of you, so don't be shy to say hello! :D


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My name is Jaidyn, a 16 year old from Perth, Australia.

I study at uni for a diploma of music production, and just do gaming and music prod videos in my spare time.

Feel free to check out any social media I have below and say hi! Always happy to chat :)
I'm from Norwich in England and I'm a manager at a Toy store. I've been watching youtube more over the last year or so and seeing how fun Youtubers seem to have so I thought I'd give it ago.


I'm from Seattle, WA and a video game journalist for Gamer Assault Weekly.
Hey all,

I'm 25 and currently live in Seattle, Washington. I currently work as a "Client Engagement Specialist" for a large, online real estate media company in the area. It's a fancy word for virtual secretary and I pretty much just connect people who are looking around on our site to buy properties with the real estate agents that advertise on our site.

I've been a gamer at heart since day 1. Started gaming on the SNES and really got hooked by the Pokemon series when it hit US shores in the late 90s. After graduating from the University of Washington I actually did a short stint at Nintendo as a game tester. I had an awesome time there, but ultimately needed some career growth.

I'm no longer in the video game industry, so to appease my desire for the art I've decided to create my own gaming content. I look forward to connecting and meeting you all here!
Hello! This is such a nice thread to learn more about people!

I live in Los Angeles in CA, I'm currently going to school full time, aside from spending the rest of my waking hours on YouTube, XD.

I was motivated in starting YouTube, because I have seen what the community can do when we're all together working towards a goal. I want to be able to put together a community myself. I love meeting new people, and having people I can share my dreams with. My ultimate goal, is to be able to entertain people, inspire people, and help people. Also, charity. I've seen many people who were able to bring together their viewers to donate to a greater cause, and that is something I have always wanted to be able to do. I've been through some tough times in my life, and I just want to help ease the burden of others.
Hey Yuki,

That's such an awesome goal! I have a similar ambition. This year I was moved to donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation while watching the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon on Twitch. This is the kind of impact I'd love to be able to bring as well! Wishing you the best of luck with your dream! :)


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