Where are you from?


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My name is Jordan Aka Broseph I come from Australia and pretty much love making content for youtube, I can't say i've actually ever had a real job, i'm cursed like that, but instead make a living off busking and finding gigs, I am an audio engineer and yeah I basically started youtube because I'm random and need something to put my time into! :D


My name is Shawnice. Also known as GraciousVGP. I am from New York. Decided to make a Youtube channel inspired off old online friends who also do YT videos. They're the funnier bunch while I handle the Roleplaying games. Only real job I had is Data Entry Clerk. An office job, you can say. I grew up on gaming for the most part and never gave up my willpower to casually play video games ever since I was introduced to the video game world as a kid.


Hi everyone I'm Tristan and I live in Sacramento, CA. I recently started taking Youtube and making video content online more seriously and I'm looking to network/collaborate with others than fit in my niche. I have a series called Castroided that is an alternate look at video games and the industry. I also create content that all revolves around art of the mysterious, macabre and anything that displays heart! Music and video games are my first love and most anything I create will have been influenced by either one of those. Hit me up let's create something great!



We're from the little country at the bottom of the world called New Zealand :)
If there are any New Zealanders out there, people who've been, or who know it, give us a shoutout.


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I'm 18 years old and I live in calgary, Alberta, Canada. The reason I started making YouTube videos is because of pewdiepie (yeah yeah I know lol). Even though I don't really watch his videos anymore, I've been subbed to him since he only had a couple hundred subs and have witnessed his channel grow from the very start. I loved watching him play games, and the way it made me feel. Ever since I watched his first few videos I was really inspired to start doing it myself, of course I only recently acquired the funds to do it. I've been wanting to do it since I was 14 and now I finally can :)


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Hi Guys, my name is Deano. I am from the UK and just started to post Graphical comparison/Benchmark videos. I look forward to being part of this community :)

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Hey, I'm from England, UK. I don't really have a job since I'm still in school but I've been wanting to find a job for a while. I started my YouTube Channel because when I watch other people's videos, it makes me smile, not matter how bad my day is going, and I want to do the same for others. :D

- Meow xo


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