Where are you from?


Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

I want to move more south in a few years. More warmth. :D


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Hi, Im Ill soon be 24, Im from the UK, started this channel just to be able to watch videos, I then got Xbox 360 after my friends persuaded me to get it, played on it for about 2 years before going away to work, I then returned home and started to play on 360 again, only played CoD, 360 got a bit old spec wise, I then built my self a PC and got into playing CoD on PC, played Titanfal, MW2, MW3 and Ghost, Got interested in Xbox One, and now play CoD AW, So far loving the game, I am 17th prestige so far and will complete Grand Master Prestige, I started uploading videos just for fun, got a few views, I then thought to myself why not put some effort in actually recording the game and editing (im still learning how to edit properly) and this what motivated me, its the learning curve, Im a CoD fanboy with passion.


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