Where are you from?

cyan tempted

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Hi, and great topic!
I'm from the United Kingdom, i'm 39 and i am a train driver for the london underground in real life, and a father to 4 beautifull kids.
i started my youtube channel because i have been playing and loving video games since before most of you guys were born lol ( i actually came 3rd in the uk pacman champion ships back in the eighties when i was a small child)
i started watching a youtuber called ghostrobo a couple of years ago and thought it would be a great hobbie, it took nearly those 2 years to actually start my channel but i'm loving it, and this site too!
I subscribed to you man good luck
I'm from the UK. I work with my family's business where we sell books online on Amazon UK and Ebay. I help with purchasing stock, listing, picking & packing, and many other fun jobs.
I decided to become a YouTuber because I was so inspired by other people. The first channel I started was my reviews channel with my partner. The inspiration for that came from a guy called Ashens. I loved his videos and his quirky style and wanted to film reviews too (just not funny like his). I also love collecting things so the little trinkets we review are awesome to collect.
I then decided to start my vlogs channel because of people like PointlessBlog, Zoella, and Marzia. :D

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And I thought I was doing well winning a Tekken 3 competition in 1998. I'm not far behind you in years but I think I only ever tried Pacman in the local sweet shop. Until recent years revisiting it of course. Yes, I said sweet, not sweat ;) They usually have Pong.

From Dublin, Ireland and I see there's someone else from Dublin in here too. We're taking over you know?o_O
us dublin yt'ers will get there!


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hello fellow youtubers!
I'm located in London, England. I hope to meet like minded youtubers that enjoy horror titles. other than uploading videos as a hobby, I love collecting resident evil stuff like posters, games, promo items etc.


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Hello! I fix peoples computers. It's alright..*shrug*
I remember Shay Carls like 300th video on his first channel. It was him just talking to the camera while going down a water slide fully clothed. I though that was the funniest thing, that really sparked my interest in YouTube. Then people like Toby Turner and Charly Gúzman started popping up, and I totally wanted to get involved. But I was shy and didn't lol. But now I'm not and I did! So here it goes!

Edit: Pfft I guess I should have answered the question. haha I'm from Nevada!
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Hi, I'm Shifty, I'm 24 and I'm from Shropshire, UK.. I'm also an alcoholic, chocoholic, jokaholic even if it's not funnyaholic and I think I need help.
I've been making pretty amateur YouTube vids on and off for a year? I think? They're not brilliant but they're just something I try to do in my spare time, which sadly is something that seems to be quickly evaporating as time passes. With every video I just want to improve and learn how to make things better so that one day it might become more than a hobby. Although in an oversaturated space such as YouTube that's increasingly unlikely. But having fun is fun, so *ahem* it :D
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