Where are you from?

It seems we all have introduced each other more or less from our youtube channels, but i'm curious what do you all do by day or night? Also what motivated you to begin this journey with everybody else.

For me, i do hvac/refrigeration. I mainly do this to entertain the less fortunate but privileged enough youth to be able to watch us play with our quirky budding personalities. My main stake in this are my cousins in Brazil, who watch lets play gamers in these recreation centers, where they have limited time to watch youtube videos.


This is fun, I'm 21 (nearly 22) and am a cashier in the us. I actually started livestreaming before youtubing because honestly, its easier. Having people to react to makes keeping your energy up far easier. After getting seriously into that I began to notice all the funny moments and started uploading those to YouTube for viewers that missed the stream. And after that started making content specifically for YouTube. I do this because I love being able to provide entertainment for fellow gamers and even rekindle their love for a game

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haaaaa i love it redfox, and indeed you are old school. From your perspective you must be in awe of what the videogame manifested itself into when it comes to the industry. Barring all the new creativity we have seen in recent times, i must say you are quite the busy man to be seeing all this unfold. I'm 28 so even though you were 11 when i entered the world, it's not far enough that we wouldn't understand one another.


Cool stuff, some really nice reading!

I'm 20 years old, living in Sweden.
Right now I'm between jobs, been working in a store were we sell building materials and also been one of those guys with cool outfits on (not really) while painting cars from Volvo in a factory.
Also got some experience from the musicbusinness, but not really much worth to mention, few big rock/metal-bands from Sweden has wanted to meet with me for interviews and stuff like that tho!
Also played icehockey for... Well, more than 10 years, I didnt get as far as I was kinda hoping, but few guys from my team back in the days are really getting somewhere, which is still cool for me haha!
Always seen myself as a "good" gamer, I can easily become decent at pretty much any game, and I never get angry because of teammates, I mostly just laugh while playing, not matter how bad it goes :rolleyes:
Other than that, not much to mention really...
I don't really know what keeps me uploading videos, I guess it's just fun to play around with whatever footage you've got :cool:
Hello! This is such a nice thread to learn more about people!

I live in Los Angeles in CA, I'm currently going to school full time, aside from spending the rest of my waking hours on YouTube, XD.

I was motivated in starting YouTube, because I have seen what the community can do when we're all together working towards a goal. I want to be able to put together a community myself. I love meeting new people, and having people I can share my dreams with. My ultimate goal, is to be able to entertain people, inspire people, and help people. Also, charity. I've seen many people who were able to bring together their viewers to donate to a greater cause, and that is something I have always wanted to be able to do. I've been through some tough times in my life, and I just want to help ease the burden of others.
I figure if we all know each others lives a little more, it should add to our humanity of understanding why it is that you do what you do. That way even if you guys subscribe to one another it wont be in vain or for more views or subscribers. I try to not get caught up on statistics or ways to get to the top when really it's the journey and that people who come along with you that truly matters.
The way i look at it is, that gaming will be much bigger then the developers themselves, it will get to a point where everyone can be more interactive with what they play with. The game becomes the canvas, you the gamer become the painter. You share your art with others, as subjective as that is, it actually makes for a much meaningful connection. Heh i will stop with the crazy deep talk, lets just say it helps with creating a nice big community.


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