What's up everyone! new gaming channel here looking for help

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Rachi08, Feb 9, 2017.

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  1. Rachi08

    Rachi08 New Member

    I just got my channel started a few months ago really just working on getting better right now i feel like my channel could use a fair bit of work so im looking for some advice and opinions just dont feel good enough about my content yet to start really promoting my channel. My main focus is mlb the show right now planning on mixing in some big name titles as well.

    Thanks guys! Any kind of feed back is greatly appreciated
  2. GameOverViper

    GameOverViper Administrator Staff Member Damn Admin

    Hi, please use the YouTube Channel Promotion forum for getting feedback and advice for your channel in specific. This forum section is meant for general advice, suggestions and tips for YouTube in general.
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