What Videos Might be Acceptable on the Homepage


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We know you post videos on YouTube, and we know you'd like to have them showcased on the Homepage. So here's how your video(s) might be able to be showcased.

We're looking for Game Reviews, Top 10's, Top 5's, Top 20's, etc., Game Guides, Walkthroughs and Achievement guides. Similar videos that provide a helpful insight or statistical piece of information may be accepted.

You just have to submit them on the Homepage via the Create an Article button. But wait!

Do NOT just post your video. I will not accept just a video.

I'm looking for content that includes more written content than there is a video player. So if you post a review, I want that full review written. The video can be included in the article in full at the bottom or in clips throughout the review showcasing the different aspects of the game.

For Top 10, etc. # videos, I want each item listed and a brief description of whatever it is you're discussing shared. Any sources or links provided where necessary.

Images, please upload all images you post in the article near the bottom where it says Upload Images. It will upload them and offer a Add to Article option next to the image. Please align the image in center if used in the article.

A image is needed for the thumbnail of the article whether you use it in the article or not.

There should be more text than there is a video player for a chance to be accepted.

If you are not sure whether it is acceptable or not, feel free to ask me.


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