What music are you listening to currently?


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Splatoon soundtrack - Single Player Theme 2 (Gusher Gauntlet)

Random sounds seems to work to make a crazy track!


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I will forever be a Metallica man. Been listening to them religiously for 3 years now. Annoyed at myself for not getting into them much sooner! Also a huge Slipknot fan, the only gig I've ever gone to was one of theirs last year. Been listening to them very frequently for 15/16 years now. Corey Taylor is a god!

I'm also a big 80s fan, like me a bit of Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and Bonnie Tyler among a few others.



I quit on hip hop for a few years until my buddy showed me a few artists I hadn't heard of. This album will be on repeat all day today:



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