What makes you subscribe to a channel or click on a video?


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Wanted to start a conversation on what makes you subscribe to a channel? Also what makes you click on a video? Where do you usually find the content you want to watch? How likely are you to click on a video from a creator you have never heard about? Will you watch a video with low views?


Hey, good questions. Yes, I watch videos with low views. What makes me click on the video? I guess it’s a good titles, thumbnails or just first few minutes of the video. Of course if I need something specifically and video give me that (even with low views) I still gonna watch it


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Hey. I used to really worry about which channels I subscribed to. I rarely subscribe to certain channels these days. For the last year, I just watch videos that come to my recommendations. Now it's just a thank you if I really liked this video. As I said, I find all the content in the recommendations. I use search very rarely. For me, it doesn't matter at all if I know the author, it doesn't matter the number of views. The main thing is to correctly name the video, as well as use a good thumbnail. Some YouTubers overload the video thumbnail too much with various things, which greatly spoils the impression.


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