What is the best way to increase attention on a Rant-channel?

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Charmike, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Charmike

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    So first off I want to say that my channel is not fully rant-based, but its about 25% rants.

    I have watched and learned many tricks and stuff on YouTube from others on YouTube, that have certaintely helped in a way or another. But most tips I run into are Basic tips that you see in every "how to grow on YouTube or how to make your videos better"-video. And my content is basically this : 25% rants, 25% gaming, 25% random lets-talk sessions and 25% VFX and GFX showcasing or just giving them away. And I feel that my content differs off of someother people, like ranting. And I find it very hard to make my ranting videos/having a negative opinion on something and telling it to the world pop up to the people searching on YouTube with keywords and that stuff. Because I like ranting those who use subbots and such which is a pretty strict and small rant-area.
    So could someone help me a bit? THANKS IN ADVANCE :D
  2. Rolluxus

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    Well from what I have seen in rant videos, It is all about persona and how you deliver your point. A good thing to do is if you are funny to incorporate that into it, Also a great thumbnail goes a long way having amazing looking thumbnails are one of the keys to YouTube, Having a keyword search before making a Title would be good too it helps a lot actually. There is also something that I use it is called vidIQ and it helps with tags and things like that. I hope this helps man cheers!

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