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Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by Purpleoak, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Purpleoak

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    Hey everyone I go by Purpleoak, this thread will be about growth tips. Now my main strategy is I use google adwords, Keywords everywhere, ubersuggestion, and I try to see what is kinda popular in the gaming area of Youtube. I've been doing a lot of horror games these past few months and that seems to be what people like. I've been browsing different forums and all that to try and network with people. What is some of your strategies that you use?
  2. The Frank White Show

    The Frank White Show New Member

    i dont even know what im doing but my aim is to make people laugh haha i dont even know how to tag and use these things to my advantage im just learning as i go and its fun which is the main thing i do a variety of of games and just started a series on gta5 editor which is real funny well i hope lol im on a zero budget got no equipment just my ps4 and games lol i been going for only 2 months and with no promotion or skills in youtube i got 18 subs and just gone over a 1000 views on my channel which people will say is nothing i am really happy with the progress i have made especially with the lack of promotion
  3. TonnaFars

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    Nice idea, you should probably try thinking up some funny in-game scenarios that make you laugh.
  4. Christoverse

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    I am definitely lacking in the exposure department of YouTube growth but I do know reaching out to bigger channels for a collaboration, getting a blog to feature you or even handing out business cards in the appropriate setting (cons etc) can do wonders. Many on here have incredible content, but lack in getting the word out.
  5. J0ystickJunkies

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    SEO and title plus we use this site now lol and twitter!

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