What instrement have you played, and for how long. Or what are you interested in learning?


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Drums for 5 years. Guitar for 3, Piano 3


I used to play Piano when I was a kid, but I forget how to read sheet music >< I want to say this was for 3-4 years... I took Guitar lessons for 2-3 years, and have been dabbling in the Ocarina for less than 1 year total.
Played the Tuba for about a year and have been playing the piano on and off for about 9 years. I want to get a drum set and learn how to beat the hell out of that.

Logan Dougherty

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Drums: 10 years
Piano: 6 years
Guitar: 3 years

Started on percussion and then moved into more melodic percussion instruments, like marimba, so then transitioned to piano, and then started learning guitar and joined a metal band. xD

But now I play piano and guitar rather equally and don't do too much with drums. They're unfortunately too loud for playing in my neighborhood. :/

OMG panda

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I've bought an electric guitar once last year, tried to learn, managed to play some notes and stopped then. I always remind myself that I should practice again and maybe I will in the future


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