What free steam games should I play for my channel?

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Hey guys, I am here asking for any suggestions for any games that I should play for my channel that are free and handle well on computers. I really appreciate the halp! Make sure to sub for good Gaming content.


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Well one of the ways I think might be (at least theoretically) helpful for a Youtube channel is to play games that are more obscure, albeit not entirely dead. I think if you're going to ever just "happen" to blow up as far as games are concerned it's with those since games like those will sometimes blow up out of nowhere and suddenly demand becomes extremely high while supply is trying to catch up.
Of course, this doesn't mean much if you don't like the games themselves. If I were doing free games (which I've done before), I'd probably more typically go with visual novels myself, or possibly MMOs that don't go overboard with P2W elements.


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Well can't really tell you any games without computer specs.


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