What editing software do you use?


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Sony Movie Studio 12 for editing my videos (super cheap but super effective and reliable option!) whilst for thumbnails of course Photoshop is the way to go :)


I use WonderShare, it's quite simple and easy to use, especially for a noob like me. the only thing is that you just don't keep the FPS it was recorded in ;(


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Same here, but i use Sony Vegas for edit & the rendering process also. I don't wanna type what i was using before. It was some sh*ty softs.
Vegas Movie Studio myself, Vegas is IMO the best one out there, so many options and it makes rendering the highest quality videos such as 1080p, 4k, 60fps, etc. easy to do and the GPU can also be used to help in rendering, which REALLY speeds up that process :) I know Vegas Pro is quite pricy and would be nice to have, but Movie Studio is pretty inexpensive, about the cost of a new game. So if you want a high quality program that is more than sufficient for stuff like reviews and let's plays, it will do the job, you don't really need Pro unless you're... well, a pro!


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