What editing software do you use?


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I used the iMovie app, which I love, but it was slow and crashed a lot, it couldn't handle big projects either with lots of edits, so moved to Premier Pro and I am very impressed, still getting used to it though.
Well I use Sony Vegas 13, just the best for me, then use Paint.NET to do thumbs etc. A pretty good combo :D


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Trusty old Vegas Pro for me. It does a LOT, I tend to keep it simple, but even then it lets me add small things like colour corrections and nice little transitions that make everything smoother! :)


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I'm using HitFilm 3 Express which is free RIGHT NOW if you want to download it. Just click the words there lol. It's a very powerful editor, and can be used to add cool effects into videos. It's a lot less crashy than previous editors I've used, and it has some stunning quality afterwords!
OMG! Thanks so much! I will definitely try it! It looks amazing :D


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Premiere Elements (Don't want to pay for the Adobe Cloud Subscription) and Photoshop elements for thumbnails.
This is exactly what I use too.


I use Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects (rarely). Used to edit with Adobe Premiere, but it started giving problems (desynching videos and crashing).
Hey there. Did you try running your video through handbrake before popping it into premiere? I was having the same issue with my game audio and game video not syncing up but doing that seems to have fixed the problem and I don't see too much in the way of a performance or quality drop.


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