What editing software do you use?


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Hey guys! So what video editing software do you use?

I know many will be with either Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, because they are top quality, but I am still curious! :D

I myself used Camtasia Studio, but now I use Filmora/Wondershare Video Editor (it's the same thing)! It looks way too simple and you wouldn't think you can get good videos, but you can! I get amazing quality and great editing thanks to this software!

Anyway, what do you use?
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Hey, we use all sorts of editing programs. But we keep in the realm of Adobe Suites Creative Cloud 2015.

Adobe is top tier with the smooth transitions between projects and programs. i highly suggest it and check it out.

if you have any more questions or comments, tweet us at @BromigosPlay on twitter, that's the faster way you can get a response from us!


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Vegas Pro!
I make thumbnails with Photoshop!


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I see the popular option seems to be Adobe products but I've really grown accustomed to Final Cut Pro, which is only available for Mac. It has a variety of transitions and effects, but what I think I love the most is the ability to create your very own transitions and generators (etc) with an application called Motion. It's a great program for both beginners and experts. Over here in California, Final Cut Pro is used widely within professional companies.


Sony Vegas Pro :)
And Photoshop for thumbnails/overlays


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