What editing software do you use?

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I use Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.0, it's pretty similar to Sony Vegas. (probably due to both being developed by Sony) I've found it pretty easy to use and to have some more "advanced" portions but I haven't taken classes or any of the sort so all of what I've done has been through Trial and Error so far. It's pretty good for what I've been doing.

- Joseph from M42


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I have seen a few recording software/headphone/headset/rig questions but what editing software do people use?

I use Sony Vegas Pro 10 which I picked up from from fan vidding and find super easy to sue (even though it can be a pain to render at times)

Just realised i missed the whole "recording & editing" section

For my video editing I use sony vegas pro 12


I use movie studio platinum 12...I think is the number.

It definitely has limitations, but it does everything I want to do, even though it make the process longer.


I tend to use Lightworks, not very hard to use and manage, even if it may not have 1080p on it's free version but it still does the job very well.

However, it does require you to log in every now and then to get a new licence

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Sony Vegas Pro. It's easy to use plus the tutorials is easy to understand. Doing some basic things on Sony Vegas is easier than those software's from Adobe. But if you want a more professional work and you'd like to fully edit your videos down to the pixel, I'd suggest to use Adobe.


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