What do people want to see?

Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by ONI, May 11, 2017.

  1. ONI

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    I've been curious about this for some time now, so I thought I would pose this question. What is it people want to see on a gaming channel? I'm not just talking about what games to play, but is commentary and face-cam the way forward, or is simply recording and editing what people wish to see?
  2. Jack Muskrat

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    I think it mostly depends on the personality of the YouTuber. There are YouTubers like penguinz0 and Ohmwrecker who are successful without facecams or fancy edits/effects. But then there are others who are all the more funny/interesting because you can see their facial expressions and gestures, or because they do edits that enhances the humour.
  3. FluxYT

    FluxYT New Member

    ^ Depends on the person.

    You most definitely don't need a facecam though
  4. GameOverViper

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    You don't need a facecam, but a facecam is known to help people become attached to a channel. People are able to see the face behind the voice. It is known to help improve a channels following rate. If you're not scared of showing your face, then give it a shot. It can only help your channel become more engaged.
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  5. Emina

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    everyone has their own favorite niche. theres no one formula for this
  6. JakeVahshi

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    If you can use a facecam to be very engaging with your audience, it can definitely be a plus for your content, but I know that for some people, it can be nerve racking to record themselves on the camera if they don't have much experience doing so. Of course the more practice you get the better you will get, but if you feel that you can engage with your audience with just the sound of your commentary then that would be good too!
  7. Rolluxus

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    Facecam is nice but it is not needed, If you wish to know what people want.. You have to stop wondering and do you make videos you like and have fun with it and when people see you having fun then they will want to join in and tune it to your videos it is all about, First making yourself happy which in turn 9 times out to 10 make the audience happy it is all about the way you present yourself and the more you are you the more you are liked and the more you know what people wanna see it all a chain just start with the first ring. Hope this helped Cheers!

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