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This new logo is pretty simple and to the point. We kept the signature gradient we've been using with our previous logo, as well as the dark grey portion for the "LAG" text. The new addition to this logo is the introduction of the 3 bar connection icon that we've replaced the "M" with.

The 3 bar connection icon was originally fully red with the rest of the "DA N" text. However, when we asked the community on our discord server for their opinions on the new logo they came up with adjusting the color to reflect the "lag" effect on the connection bar by having just a single bar lite red. Which makes complete sense. I don't know why I didn't think of it myself.

We've also went ahead and added a new slogan text line that says Sharing, Collaborating, Learning. Because that's primarily what this community is about. Sharing your YouTube channels, videos, Beam accounts, Twitch accounts, Hitbox accounts, Vidme accounts and videos, etc. Lots of members have used this community to find other channels to collaborate with, so we wanted to make it known that hey you can come here and find others to collaborate with by just looking at our logo. The learning portion, its pretty much self explanatory. There's lots of information, guides, advice, tips, tutorials on how to do things you might not have already known, stuff you may have known but didn't do it as good, and just overall a lot of helpful advice that will help everyone improve their channels just a little bit more.

We hope you like the new logo. If you have any suggestions on changes to the logo or other portions of the site, feel free to let us know. We're open to your feedback and willing to improve the community in any way possible.


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I Like it!


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