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Introduction to me!
How's it going everyone, my names Atlas (or Noah) and I have decided to start making gaming videos for YouTube again! Here's a little background information about me and my history with Youtube. I've had LOADS of previous YouTube channels that haven't been very successful mainly due to me getting bored or because of life getting in the way. However, i have just finished school and now I have a lot of free time on my hands so I've decided to make a new channel and give it everything I've got! I hope you guys enjoy the channel and leave so positive feedback :)

What games will i play?
In all honestly i will be playing every game I can get my hands on however i really enjoy Call of Duty Zombies and Minecraft. I will most likely be branching out to other games in the future but for the time being, i will mainly be playing the two games mentioned.

My Channel!


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