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How would you guys feel about a weekly challenge where we do a voting for a Indie game for everyone to play, everyone makes a video playing that game and then we all vote on which video was the best?

If this is popular enough and gets many entries, we could possibly end up giving out prizes because developers would love nothing more than us helping them get a bunch of you playing there games and making videos of it.

Let me know if there's any interest in this and if you have any ideas for this as well.


I am definitely in! I already try to find as many indie games as possible to play or review, with more people keeping an eye out for them, the amazing ones are more likely to crop up! I'd be more than willing to help out with any of this if needed. I love any ideas that shed more light on indie games!


I'm in! Let's do it. Got any ideas on a game to kick this off with?


I'm a Master Mind :P
Sounds like a great idea, it would also drag new members into the YTG Community really quickly :) maybe also add a extra perk like ''Channel of the week or whenever your planning to host these every day etc''


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