Video length question.

sections to upload?

  • 1x 28 mins

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  • 2 videos split half the rounds

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  • split every round into its own

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I have recorded a first play-through/reaction to killing floor toy master mod the total time is 28 mins-ish

Now I don't like to upload anything over 20 mins because I don't really watch anything longer (in one sitting)

So I have come up with 3 options:

  1. Just upload the 28 mins and see how it goes (I'm not big so I don't think it would have a any impact)
  2. Split it in half 3 rounds in one vid 2 rounds in another
  3. split it into each round.
thoughts and thanks!


For let's plays around 15 minutes is good. higher than 20 is bad. For a starting channel I recommend to stick with 10 minutes for now.
I think that this is really up to your and how your viewers feel more than a general rule. I have a corpse party series that has 25+- min videos and it hasn't done that much different than my other series (not counting gmod which is above all my other series and fmaf which is oddly popular leading to more searches). Do what you feel comfortable with and it should be fine. :)


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