YouTube Upcoming Charity Live Stream! - New(ish) Channel


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No, I'm not really "new" to YT, but I did recently come back from a half-year hiatus, so maybe "revamped" is more like it.

Anyway, I'll be hosting a charity live stream, trying to raise what I can for American Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery, who are helping victims of the Australian bush fires. I'll be playing indie horror games ALL DAY (from 10AM - 1AM CST) on 2/8/2020. So stop by at any time, say hello, hang out in chat, get spooped, and donate to a good cause if you feel so inclined. It'll be the perfect way for you guys to get to know more about me and my channel, as well as do some good. So set your reminders here:

Thank you, and I hope to see you there!


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