UK Meet Up with Damnlag Community

what kind of meet would you prefer?

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I was thinking (and have partly discussed with damnlag) of trying to arrange a meet up but it obviously depends on how many people are up for it there are 2 roads to go down:

  1. Just a general random meet and greet somewhere public.
  2. Hire a conference room/hall so its more like a convention. We could get some partner/network stands. and have people talk about there channels and experiences. (this will cost, I haven't researched how much yet.)
I have never done anything like this before so its going to be a steep learning curve for me. So anyone with experience and interested in helping please let me know!

I am also dubious about younger members (sub 18).

Things I need to know:

Where in the UK are you from?
How far are you willing to travel?
poll option 1 or 2 only if you answer these.


Where in the UK are you from? Bath
How far are you willing to travel? 50-80 mile
Age? 23


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I'm definitely excited about this idea. Hopefully there's enough interest to get it going because this could turn into a yearly event that allows small channels come together, meet others, and even an opportunity for bigger channels to come, speak and share their strategies with people.

This could also end up being an event that brings product companies to see your channels, to maybe even partner with or sponsor you in exchange for promoting their products.

There's definitely a lot of positive things that could come with this event.


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I'm nowhere near the UK, and don't plan on attending, but I can offer some advice. I personally don't see a huge amount of personal relations on the forum, so I would doubt many people would feel comfortable with meeting up with one-another. Also, there should be a clearer event going on. Rather than doing a random meeting, why not try and arrange a get-together at some popular gaming con. I'm sure some of the site users would be going anyway, and it'd be a bit easier to meet over some sort of common grounds. Just a few thoughts =)


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Excuse the double post, regardless of the 150 posts, I still don't know how to edit oldies.

As for personal relations, I'd suggest hosting more digital things. I feel like competitions, collaborations or other digital get-togethers would offer an easier chance for people to get to know more people. I know there already exists places to arrange said e-gatherings, but I think an official get-together hosted by some site staff would entice more people to connect.

Again, just some thoughts!


Well like Wolfio said, gaming conventions could be a great one with Insomina coming up and things like EGX, what you need to do is plan something which isn't going to cost much for people to travel and take part in and something not too informal (gathering in a park). Luckily enough i have worked on things such as these but for business managers. It really depends on what everyone else wants to do?, coffee, pub others alike. So people with less confidence can still join in.

- Where in the UK are you from? Birmingham (at Staffordshire Uni)

- How far are you willing to travel? 100 miles

- Age? 18


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I find idea awesome. Nothing better than a bunch o gamers/youtubers getting together to help each other or to make new connections.
SADLY I won't be able to go anytime because I'm from Portugal. However, I like and I agree with the idea and the concept behind it.

Everyone getting a conference room, all detailed, any money that would cost would be split.

My advice about the age is better no one less than 18, for obvious reasons.

Good luck on making that happen ! :D


I live in Aberdeen so likely whatever event was organised I'd probably be too far away to attend but I would guess what should be organised would be a function of likely attendance rather than anything else. Maybe that is obvious, but there's no point in getting a venue for only 2 people to show up, if the numbers were relatively small, meeting at a bar (or something similar perhaps) might work, but I'd agree that a more organised 'event' is likely to be preferable for more folk (especially with larger numbers).


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