Finally we have left Brooklyn behind, Time to start rebuilding with the medical wing

10th straight day of uploading Tom Clancy's the Division - Today I go into the Dark Zone with my friends Flicks 09, Almighty Slayer and the girlfriend (Trixtabella) - Craziness, funny moments and agent on agent action -

The Dark Zone is a dangerous place for agents and Friendships!

Daily Division continues with unlucky for some number 13, We look for the 2nd member of the Lau family

Continuing the play through of The Division, we hit up the Lexington Event Center with Carl and Trixtabella

The latest in the Daily Division series! Everyone likes a Montage!!!! but if you also like 90's dance, and south park, some nods to some of my favourite things -

It had to happen eventually, we talk Wenger in and Wenger out, the negativity around Arsenal and how as an Arsenal fan I am feeling

So in a bid to re-capture some nostalgia, I have bought a Panini EURO 2016 sticker album. I decided to open some packets with my girlfriend and use the beanboozled game as the forfeit with funny results. Looking to do more so suggest a way to declare a winner / loser and a forfeit of your own and the best one will be carried out

So since FUT draft is all about fate, I blindfolded my girlfriend and got her to choose the draft players by calling out numbers between 1 and 5. Some shocking results! To add some spice we added in a chilli chocolate Russian Roulette forfeit!

So with the TOTS up and running, we attempt to take on the TOTS tournament to win us a lovely Robert Huth TOTS, we play the final game with . . . . not the best team in the world and see if this can be our year!!



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