Crimson Days PvP with the Misses
In Honour of Super Sunday, Arsenal Vs Leicester and Man City Vs Spurs, I have made a BPL top 4 squad builder in my R2D1 series.
Discussing the foxes chances -
So on Career Mode Monday here comes - Destiny! Crimson Days with the girlfriend Because my FIFA Career file corrupted :'( -
Time for some Street FIghting\!!!!!! -
So one of my subs suggested this challenge, whereby I play with a team of 11 Goalkeepers, I also added a Discard challenge of a 164K player -
Another lovely Collab with Jimmie Pop plays, its a good old Pack and play with a Discard challenge -
After last week's disappointment of the file render fiasco, we open with a MAMMOTH episode with 6 yes 6 games!!! - FIFA 16 career mode with Arsenal
To celebreate the feast of football tonight with Arsenal playing Barcelona, I took to opportunity to do another Squad builder for my Road to Division 1 -
Time for the DIVISION!!!!! Going to be uploading these daily from here on in, going to also do additional videos from my original schedule -


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