Happy 2016! Upfdates and changes coming to my channel and another giveaway
Time for more Tippler's Tips, Today, 5 Common Mistakes made by CoD players

My First ever Q&A Sunday, announcing the winner of Black OPs 3 on Xbox One AND 250 subs!!!!
The pack luck is real

The prediction experiment Liverpool Fan Vs Arsenal Fan - How close to the real thing did we get?
Destiny is broken again?!?!?! Fun times with the Tipperette and a gatecrashing Monkey

What a PULL!!!!!

Will the door open this time? Do we trust that Bungie has actually fixed Destiny? Nightfall with the Tipplerette

Today it's FIFA and a Road to D1 - But with a twist we are going to be doing a different challenge / squad builder each episode. First one is Min Low chemistry!



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