Hey all, I am TheTippler3848 I do many many videos, head to my channel for a taste! Latest Vid is FIFA Career Mode!

Time for a challenge, Sonic speed challenge a la gamesmaster.

Can you be in the top 3? Earn yourself a shout out!!!

NEW Video!!! Black ops 3 ZOMBIES, funny moments and fun with Friends

My first EVER collab with Jimmiepopplays, top lad, great video check it out!!! It's a pack and play, discard forfeit

Destiny Sparrow racing is FUNNN!!!!! Especially with friends -
Carl gets trolled hard in Destiny Sparrow racing. Ridiculously funny -
Time to give back to the awesome people who support my channel!
All about the FUTMAS!!! Pack Opening

More FUTMAS, me think so!!!! - Inform and Santa packed on christmas eve

My first ever FUT Draft!!!!



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