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Discussion in 'Collaborate With Others' started by TheJackWolf, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. TheJackWolf

    TheJackWolf New Member

    This is just a small idea i came up with that involves the free and easy to use Skype.

    Basically the idea is that we slowly build a youtube community on skype which is very easy access, people post their videos in the skype community to receive feedback etc. This is much more direct and simpler to use!

    Of course, this idea requires your willingness to participate and view others videos as you would hope for them to view yours.

    The reason this will work better is because we will all get to know each other better, and thus be more likely to want to view each others content...provided that it is actually good of course! :)

    If you would like to join this please add my skype: sloanez.brad.101
  2. DJStitch91

    DJStitch91 Guest

    no offense but this stuff doesnt work.

    people either talk shit on em or constantly spam videos.

    no one never actually watches anyone videos
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  3. Vashido

    Vashido Member

    True story there.

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