The Purge | The End Of YouTube?

I agree with you 110%. Personally even tho i apprecitate, respect, and love the subs I have. I do my show because i want to share my experences and what i love to do. Which is gaming of course lol. Also I think the whole subs thing has gotten too much importance an focus on it too great. Subs are great shows people enjoy and are interested in what you do. I love interaction and interacting with everyone who wishes, but we have to many people wanting subs from people just to have. What should really be imporant at least from a bussiness standpoint is amout of time watched, views up to an extent and likes and dislikes. Even tho i do appreciate these. If one of my video's make someone smile, laugh, or coummunicate then I've done my job. Which is sharing. Jeeze joke wise you were sorry for the long video on opinion, and I'm sorry for being long winded always lol. Lastly i love the Irony of The YouTube Purge being around the time of the new Purge movie lmao. I guess YouTube might be the sponser that started the Purge in that Universe... Sorry had too lol ;)


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