The Nova Network!


Hi, Guys I'm Rob [emoji4] the CEO of TNN and I just thought I'd post about our newly found network under Acifin
Nova is a network that strongly believes in the community because without them networks wouldn't exist so within due time we hope to establish gaming tournaments, and host a gameathon where we pick some of our partners to game for 24 hours and all the proceeds made within that range go to a charity

What do I get if I join? :
Starting off we offer
-70/30 split (changes the more you grow to 90/10)
-We require a 1 month lock in that's it (basically 30 day unlink)
-access to our creatorliser, a tool to help you success
-A high cpm
-reliable support
-no tax withholds

We also try as much as we can to promote all our partners and hope to have sponsors soon since we're pretty new

We are also looking for people to post on our main channel we accept all types of videos if anymore questions Skype me at roblnova thanks!
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Say if someone toke your video and placed it we'd be able to immediately get it taken down, and we could help only if the defendant was not in the wrong. So if you purposely placed copyrighted music we can't help.


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