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Aurion: Legacy of the Kori- Odon tells the tale of Enzo Kori-Odon, a prince who has some serious doubts on if he is ready to become a king to the people of Zama. He is engaged to be married to his love Erine who is from an ally tribe, the Evou. In the middle of the marriage ceremony, Erine’s brother Ngarba crashes it and let’s Enzo know he has no intentions of letting him rise as the King of Zama-- he feels he is better equipped for the job since he is trained in a higher level of Aurionics -- the technique of gathering spiritual waves and using them to fight in battle

Ngarba struck a low blow when he mentions Enzo’s ancestors and how they were weak and unfit to rule the kingdom. Understandably, this struck a nerve and Enzo and Erine fight back.

After being found by a man and welcomed into his crew Michonne has earned her keep and established herself as a valuable member of the team. They were looking for some lost crew members when they came across two teens on a boat that were running away from Randal and Norma, leaders of a community on the other end of the lake.

Once they arrived, things became very complicated as one of the teens dies and they try to escape back to their crew on the boat. But will they make it out without losing any more members?
Really Cool channel. I gave a sub! Im also from NYC!!

Black folks always have to suffer from white privilege, even in the fantasy genre where ANYTHING GOES (supposedly ), but some how it seems impossible for black people to exist , or if we do, we are used for death fodder or even a stepping stone for the white protagonists. In the case of time travel, tho... whelp let's just say ... we have to tread carefully


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