The Grim Phreaker

Thanks everyone for watching! Just a little about me, I'm a gamer from New York City and I love to play Role Playing Games, Action/Adventure, Simulators and Buffer Games-- meaning games that are time wasters when you need to take a break from your main games. I've had my channel for a little over a year but I am just now becoming more consistent. I look forward to watching your videos and talking to all of you!

Here are my most recent videos, Emily Is Away and one of my TOP 5 favorite games of all times: TAIL CONCERTO!

If you didn't get a chance to grab a beta key for Tom Clancy's The Division, I uploaded my morning gameplay here. Granted I very rarely play games like these, you can see me slowly get better and better. The controls are a little sloppy and it takes some getting used to (especially if you don't play these types of games often), but I feel like things will pull together in time for it's March release.!

We've now reached a critical point in AMC's The Walking Dead were comic book fans of the original series The Walking Dead, may have to see a favorite die..... or will they? AMC's The Walking Dead writers have made so many changes to who survives and who dies, so there's no telling who we will lose or gain next. Watch as I talk about the latest in the series, Season 6 Episode 9: No Way Out. A missile Launcher, death and mayhem, a serious injury and an event that could lead to some series repercussions.


Tom Clancy's The Division takes place in New York City after a virus has been unleashed by a terrorist , killing off a significant part of it's inhabitants. Of course, in case of such an event, the government has specially trained soldiers in a sector called The Division (bet you didn't see that coming!). Your role as part of The Division is to help the city streets become safe(r), take out rogues that are taking advantage of people and of course rebuild the base so you can catch the asshole that killed millions of people. Along the way, you'll find upgrades to your weapons and armor to help you get through the devastation.