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SwampyEntertainment Network is here for you on your journey throughout youtube we assist you in any issues you may have and most of all we actually help you grow​
Our network is not huge so when you join us your also joining a experienced community of other youtubers and our staff team that are still growing like you are.​
We have a helpfull staff team to help you anytime you need.

Some things we offer currently are

-Transparency| We enable revenue visibility on your YouTube channel so nothing is hidden! You can track your earnings directly from your YouTube Account!​

-Revenue share| You can receive %70 revenue share to start with and grow up to %80​

-No minimum payout| If you earn $1, we pay you $1 as simple as that!​

-Ownership| You own your channel and content, you control your channel but we wont tollorate copyrighted content​

-Content ID| We can find all copies of your original content anywhere on YouTube and monetize or take down the matches.​

No withholding taxes| You earn 100% of everything you make.​
We offer free webhosting from Nrayhosting just contact staff when a partner​

Free Music library​
Recruitment links to earn %10-15 of who you bring to us!

Partner with us today at: http://swampyentertainment.com or http://bit.ly/1lr89rI
If you want to join our staff team or have any other questions you may personally email me at:​
Or skype me at:​
Network email and skype coming soon.​
Thanks for reading!​


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