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Discussion in 'Getting Started on YouTube' started by IR.Badger FPV, Dec 30, 2015.

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    Hey guys ive noticed there seems to be alot of threads here asking 'why isnt my video getting views' and other similar titles that i can copy and paste the same answer too

    So ive decided to share some wisdom that i have learn't and/or been taught

    • 1st of all ensure you are creating content you enjoy.
      ive had loads of videos ive recorded, came to edit and then scrapped because it wasnt the kind of thing i would watch
    • Make sure you keep doing what you enjoy and sooner or later like minded people will find you and go OH HEY this guy plays stuff i like
    • Find other channels as in your early days 90% of your subscriber base will come from fellow content creators, so become active on similar channels, or even ones completely different
    or anything similar that will get you ignored
    • Create conversations with your new contacts, get to know them. Twitter is a great place for this
    • Forums, such as here and even /r/Letsplay (the LP subreddit) is a great place to meet new people and talk to like minded people and get advice, pointers etc (Just make sure you have your armor on Reddit can be a VEEERRRRYY touchy place)
    What ever you do, DO NOT link dump on Reddit
    Its highly frowned upon​
    Trust me i learnt that the hard way​
    • Get handy with Photoshop or what ever your picture editor is, find a style for your thumbnails. Dont expect your title to always sell your video, dont just let your video 'talk for its self'
    Remember that your thumbnail is the very 1st thing people will see
    so make sure it is flashy and captive but isnt too 'busy' or give too
    much of the video away. Tts a fine art to master
    Finally and most importantly

    • Research and learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the sooner you learn how to use it the better. This is what Youtube runs on and its a douche!
    To help with this VidIQ (a free chrome extension) can REALLY help with this to an extent, it helps you see what kind of tags people are using so you can see how the relate

    But dont try and steal there tags you'll rarely get a look in, instead try and find unique and different tags that will help you​

    But until then, remember youtube takes ALOT of patience, i mean ALOT, nothing happens overnight it takes time, you will be grinding your face into your desk at times but just keep enjoying it and your day will come because your viewers can ALWAYS tell if your not having fun yourself

    Should you ever need any proof of all of this.... check out @YoungBonesGaming these boys have taught me so much. they have cracked all of this!

    Please by no means think that this is it! If you have any more to add to this then feel free to add it on.
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  2. YoungBonesGaming

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  3. ShadowZia

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    Well said mate. Awesome tips! Ur right it does take some time. Wish many realize that. Also always communicate with your viewers when possible they are the key of the channels. And ignore the haters. You cant please everyone. Just keep the fun going! :pCheers!
  4. ray4chic

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    tnx for the advice
  5. prie84

    prie84 New Member

    Awesome post. I just started a channel and I can already tell its going to be a grind thing lol. Very important to love what you're doing if you're going to be grinding that hard.
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  6. IR.Badger FPV

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    yeah its a long grind but its a good hobby, just dont set out aiming to be famous or to make money from it.
    its a hobby and somethign for fun and you'll have fun
    the grind is a frustration but it is fun
  7. prie84

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    Yeah. My main goal is to make a community on my channel. One of my favorite youtubers is eliteshot. Hes not the biggest known gamer out there but his community loves him and hes always having a great time.
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  8. flagshipsahrk

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    All the youtube horror stories i have beed reading/seen seem to have a common theme... Trying to make this a job/money earner. I am of the opinion that the attitude you come in with will affect success.
  9. Icosahedral

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    Exactly. I'm just doing this for fun. I'm genuinely having a blast making my videos and I've gotten 3 new subs in the last week. It may not seem like much, but it means the world to me. And if I do ever get big enough to achieve "success", I want at least 80% of the money I make off Youtube to go to various charities. I was inspired to start Youtubing by people like Markiplier and Cr1tikal, and I want to give back just as much as they have.
  10. UltraKrillin

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    Thanks for the solid advice man

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