Should I join Curse?


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About 3 years ago I had small racing games channel with ~3200 subs. It was pure miracle since I didn't use any video editing and no voice. It was in style of youtuber MSWGR / ISuckAtDriving. At that time Curse wanted 5000 subs, voice/facecam in videos. So I couldn't join them even if I wanted. Now when I have decent PC and I have facecam/voice in my videos, I'm close to 1000 subs. And I'm thinkin' about join them. I always wanted to be part of Curse network. Are they like some of you say: best network? Are they really what it seems? Is someone partnered with them? How happy are you? I always wanted 90-10 split and no-lock-in. I really don't wanna spend 2-3 years under contract and then networks turns out cr@pp1. Any other 90-10 networks? Any other no-lock-in networks?

Tnx for any help.


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Hey Sgtjarrus Before you go partner with anyone make sure they're not spamming you. Do some research before you go into that sponsor. The only one's I heard so far is freedom for many youtubers out there. Just type in google Curse reviews or something like that. Go on youtube and see how many videos are sponsors to them.


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I can 100% recommend Curse. I have a gaming channel partnered with them, and they are legit. The revenue share is also fantastic imo at 90/10. Also if you're unhappy with anything you are free to leave at any time.
If you can join them I would wholeheartedly recommend them.