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    Ok, I thought of it for a long time, and I finally think I'm ready for it. I'm looking for a person who can collab with me for a loooooong LP of a game called divinity:eek:riginal sin enchanced edition. This is going to be a very long collab, so if you're really interested, think before saying yes. I wrote about myself on this forums in introduction (look for my info there), and if you're interested in looking at my content so you can decide if you're up for it I'll leave a link for it here.
    Main things I would love from my collab brother is:
    21 or more years old
    Can be serious and professional at what we do
    Type of videos you do don't include stupid screams on cam and stuff. Jokes are ok, being dishonest and playing for kids is not
    That's pretty much all. Sorry if it's sounds harsh, but I'm a pretty harsh person.
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