Royalty Free Music Stickie!



lots of people ask..lots of people offer...lets put it all in one place!

Please use this format:

Youtube Channel:
Amount of pieces:
Modification allowed:
What you ask for in return:
Do you make pieces for people:

Please do not use this thread to ask for music!


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Ooh, so how does this work? Youtube lets you use these songs and you link to the artist or is there some other kind of exchange needed?



Free music
Some of these are high-quality 320kbps tracks available to download and use royalty-free. You can find this music under the Free music tab. It won’t be claimed through Content ID if you use it in your video, which means you’ll be able to monetize.

When you apply to monetize a video that includes a track from the Free Music tab, you may be required to supply additional documentation to show you have commercial use rights to the music. In this case, please include the music’s exact title and a brief statement that you downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library.

Ad-supported music
The Ad-supported music tab features music that copyright owners, like record labels, manage through Content ID. Copyright owners can decide how they want their music to be used on YouTube. You can search for music in the Audio Library and see how the owner’s policy will affect your video.

Review the copyright owner’s policy
You can follow these guidelines to see what will happen if you upload a video that includes certain music.

  1. Go to the Audio Library
  2. Click on the Ad-supported music tab
  3. Search for the music you want to use
  4. Once you find the music you want to use, you’ll see the copyright owner’s policy for videos that include it. There are a few types of policies you may see:
    1. Monetize: Ads will appear on your video and revenue will go to the copyright owner.
    2. Block worldwide: One or more copyright owners don’t allow use of the music, and your video will be unavailable on YouTube.
    3. Block in some countries: One or more copyright owners have restricted the countries in which the music is available, and your video won’t be viewable where the music is blocked.
Note: If you upload music listed in the Ad-supported tab, you won’t be able to monetize your video.

Copyright owners can change policies and issue copyright takedown notices under certain circumstances, so your video’s status may change in the future -- it may even be removed from YouTube.

Policies displayed in the Audio Library describe only what will happen to your video if you publish it on YouTube. YouTube cannot give you information about legal liability or other issues that can occur off the platform. You may wish to consult a qualified attorney if you have questions about your use of music.


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