Royal Gaming - New YouTube Org. (US) Read requirements please

Game: Any game. My channel consists of (FPS, Sports, Racing, Lets Plays, etc.)

Platform:Any system (I have all XO, 360, PS4, PS3, and PC)

Number of People: I'd like a smaller youtube organization, so around (5-10) people and maybe more.

Timezone:I'm mountain US, but any US time zone will work

Age:15-20 (You can be older, but i'd prefer people more my age, I'm 16)

Mission: To run a community channel. This means each person in the org will post a video to thegroup's channel on a certain day or something similar.

Subscribers:70+ (I have 96)

Link to Channel:

***Call of Duty: If you are interested in joining my competitive call of duty team, you have to be extremely dedicated and able to go to LAN events in the next 2-3 years. You must be available atleast 3 days a week, preferably more like 5. Must have knowledge of callouts, getting all new call of duties, good gunskill, "cod IQ" and competitive equipment like Scuf, Astro/Turtle Beach, Kontrol Freeks, good monitor, etc.

Requirements for Org:
-Good microphone and clear audio
-Good editing software like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere, etc.
-Able to make good thumbnails
-Knowledge of SEO (Titles/Tags/Descriptions)
-2-3+ videos a week. ( I have been close to inactive for about a month due to some issues, but I will be bringing it back soon)

If you don't meet some of these requirements, still let me know if you're interested and we can try to compromise or something like that. This is a professional YouTube organization. Obviously this isn't big or anything right now, but I expect anyone who wants to join to be professional and not too immature. This org is going to be friendly. I am the leader, but I'm down to listen to suggestions as this isn't my channel but our channel. As soon as we have quite a few people, we can start helping each other with collaborations, making thumbnails for each other and having fun while growing on youtube. If you're interested, reply down below.


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