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RocketBurst Media is a premium YouTube network for content creators, which allows creators to earn revenue from their videos, as well as grow their channel and exposure. All partners receive access to our exclusive partner dashboard, in which they can access an array of tools and resources, including libraries of licensed music.

Why RocketBurst Media?
  • High Revenue share of 70/30% (Can grow to 90/10!)
  • Monthly payments to Paypal (If you earn $1, we will pay you $1)
  • Exclusive partner dashboard
  • Insights into statistics and earnings
  • Full transparency - We hide nothing from our partners.
  • NoLockIn Contract as standard - Leave at any-time if you are not happy with 30 days notice.
  • Access to tools such as , Epidemic Sound, Audio Micro, TubeBuddy, Spreadshirt and much more!
  • Mentorship and channel optimisation notes
  • Around the clock support
  • High average CPMs
  • Experienced team
  • Community forum and collaboration.
  • Free/discounted game, voice and shared hosting

Like other networks, we have a list of requirements applicants must meet to be applicable for the network. These include:
  1. Good standing channel (No outstanding copyright strikes)
  2. Your own content (Not copyrighted people content)
  3. 50 Subscribers Minimum.
  4. At least 30 views per day**
  5. Channel older than 48 hours with channel art.
  6. Not with another network (If you are, please unlink. Contact support for assistance with this)
If you meet these requirements then you can apply!
**If you don't meet this however would like to join the network, please apply anyhow, as we do make exceptions.

Visit our website at to find out more information, or to speak to a live representative!

You can also contact our support via email:
Partner support:
*We respond to all enquiries within 24 hours or less.

Want to make your own Network?
Want to start your own Sub-Network? We are accepting applications. Please email your interest to "" for an application form. If you have any questions regarding this program, then please don't hesitate to ask.

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