Red Trigger - Ep.1 - Ohhhh, Clean. (How to Play and How to Die!)


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Oi ya'll,
Trying out Red Trigger today, where i learn how to play and how to die!

Red Trigger is a free Steam game where you take on the role of a computer virus named Red Trigger and your objective is to get the information! This game is a FPP(First Person Puzzle) game similar to Portal and is a blast to play.

Hope you enjoy this video!


Andrew Lee

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Sup dude. Ypu got some good content just need some better commentary and put some quiet music in the background the your whole gamelplay deosnt seem boring. Overall pretty good though.


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Biggest problem with this game is that you can't modify the sound at all. So if i want to cut the game music i have too loose the sfx as well. :)


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