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Contract: 1 Month
RPM: 60%
Subscriber Requirement: 100
View Requirement: 2000
Hello if you are interested in joining a gaming network this Network may be the one for you.
I'm XxDman10311xX Owner of QGN.
We can help expand your audience by featuring your content on our hub channel. Your channel will be fully managed which means you do not suffer monetization delay, which puts you ahead of creators in other networks. You will have access to a live support rep, as well as fast-response. pay out your high revenue share on the same day the revenue is received from Google. There is no waiting for long periods, we pay up to a month faster than some networks. We won't allow anyone to steal your content. If copies of your work are being uploaded elsewhere, we will find and monetize or remove it, at your discretion. You will not be required to fill out any tax forms and you'll receive EVERYTHING you earn as no tax will be withheld as it might be with other networks.
If you are interested and have any other questions message me on skype.
Contact Information:
Email: xxdman10311xx@gmail.com
Skype: Dman10311.Recruiter
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