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      • Channel Name: PuddleLoo
      • Channel Link: http://www.youtube.com/c/puddleloo
      • Channel Start Date: April 15 2011 (started for school videos, but I began actively posting gaming videos as of October 8 2016)
      • Partnered with Network?: Nope
      • Amount of Videos on Channel: 56 (and counting!)
      • Total Subscribers: 100 :h: :h: (and hopefully counting lol)
      • Amount of Total Views on Channel: 1325
      • Channel Description: Hey everyone! My name is PuddleLoo and my channel is primarily focused on gaming. I tend to play RPG's such as any game in the Tales series and the Elder Scrolls series, but I also enjoy playing games like Town of Salem and Minecraft! I also enjoy other genres of games and will hopefully feature some different content on my channel soon! Currently I upload one video a day, usually between 1pm-3pm MST. If it is a let's play video, generally it will be over 20 minutes as I don't like breaking up the content too much. I'm just an itty bitty channel and I enjoy watching other gaming channels with similar content, so if you have a sense of humour, you got me! I also appreciate any feedback given to me, especially since my set up isn't the greatest where I currently live. Thank you for checking out my channel promotion post, and I hope you all have a great day! :D
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    just subscribed to your channel. ima check some of the videos out later, yo im hope im allowed to ask this on here lol how old are you? check out my channel to its in my sig idk how to do that button thing lol. sub if you like the content.
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  3. PuddleLoo

    PuddleLoo Active Member


    Hey! :) Thanks for the support, I definitely will check out your channel. And no worries, I'm 24! :)
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