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      • Channel Name: PuddleLoo
      • Channel Link:
      • Channel Start Date: April 15 2011 (started for school videos, but I began actively posting gaming videos as of October 8 2016)
      • Partnered with Network?: Nope
      • Amount of Videos on Channel: 56 (and counting!)
      • Total Subscribers: 100 :h: :h: (and hopefully counting lol)
      • Amount of Total Views on Channel: 1325
      • Channel Description: Hey everyone! My name is PuddleLoo and my channel is primarily focused on gaming. I tend to play RPG's such as any game in the Tales series and the Elder Scrolls series, but I also enjoy playing games like Town of Salem and Minecraft! I also enjoy other genres of games and will hopefully feature some different content on my channel soon! Currently I upload one video a day, usually between 1pm-3pm MST. If it is a let's play video, generally it will be over 20 minutes as I don't like breaking up the content too much. I'm just an itty bitty channel and I enjoy watching other gaming channels with similar content, so if you have a sense of humour, you got me! I also appreciate any feedback given to me, especially since my set up isn't the greatest where I currently live. Thank you for checking out my channel promotion post, and I hope you all have a great day! :D

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