Problem with stream


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Hello guys,
First time i'm using this forum and i hope someone will be able to help me with my issue.

Basically i have bought a new pc few months ago and started streaming.

I stream most of the time Call of Duty Warzone.
But the issue is that my stream is lagging if i do not limit my fps to 100.
If i select unlimited FPS, i get 130-150fps, but stream lags. if my game stays 100fps it goes smoothly.

My question is there any method to use, to stream without FPS lock and stream would not lag? Like video capture device maybe?
i happens with any game basically. I tried streaming GTA V and Witcher 3 uncapped and problem continues.

My pc specs:
I7 10700k
RTX 3070
16gb ram 3600hz
1TB ssd
and my internet speed is 1GBps

for steaming i use Streamlabs and on twitch.

Hope to find a solution here. Thank you in advance.


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