Premium Member Rewards Program


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Damn Admin
The new rewards program is starting up, slowly, but its starting.

The first reward opportunity is with AKRacing chairs. If you're Premium already, you can view the Premium forum for all information and how to take place in the offer.

For those who are not Premium, you'll need to become a Premium member to take advantage of this offer and future offers that we start rolling out. Its only fair that we keep it to the Premium users who help fund this site. Makes it a great reason to become a Premium member. Become Premium here!

So the AKRacing chair offer is 15% off code. The chair is like $276 without any discounts. AKRacing has offered us a 15% off code to those who are interested in buying a chair and doing an uboxing video like the video that @Belcoot made below.

Feel free to suggest products and companies that you would be interested in getting offers from like this one and I'll do my magic to get some more reward opportunities for Premium members.

More rewards coming soon!