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So im a new member of this website, don't worry. I don't bite.

So I'm still in high school, around the age of 15 and hoping to become a graphic engineer and a Youtuber (if possible) I'm pretty average at what I do and I do give it my best if I have enough to devote myself to the task. I lead a pretty boring life so I won't jump into that.

Right now, I currently play soccer and piano. GAAMING is a biggg hobby of mine. However, I've been getting really bad luck with all the crashes my PC has been causing me. (if anyone can help me out, that would be much appreciated). I guess you can count Youtubing as a hobby as well, since I do it for entertainment.

I joined YTtalk to grow my channel honestly, but im also looking forward to finding some partners to collaborate with. I'm also interested on the different types of small youtubers in the community, cause sometimes they show a lot of potential.

My favorite food is french fries, my favorite color is yellow, my favorite drink is Milkshakes and I have a passion for games.

In case you guys were wondering, my avatar was made on photoshop by yours truly.


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Welcome buddy.


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