Playing with Swain mid | Rework Patch 8.3 S8 | IT'S BROKEN! TOTAL ABUSE WITH HIS E



Playing with Swain mid, No guide (Miniature guide), Swain rework mid patch 8.3, Mid swain hanging out gaining mid, Learning how to play mid swain, and winning games, Swain full runes and items (objects), in this season swai sera one of my main champ for my videos and games, I hope you like the journey I will take with the, top, mid, support, adc, all lines except JG, but it will be great to play Swain mid and all those lines.


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I recommend videos and the channel in general to learn more about the most complicated characters in (league of legends), since you can learn in addition to the basics, Patience when playing, develop skills that you did not have before and improve in most of the characters I manage myself, Video about Swain S8, Objects / Items / Build Swain Mid S8, Swain Mid S8 Guide, Swapping Mid S8 Gameplay, Game Swain Mid S8.

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Playing Swain mid, season 8 Spanish, didactic GUIDE no comment, patch 8.3, silver, gold, Runes and build ready to be used totally for free, also, other champions like, azir, tristana, swain, kayle League of Legends, league of legends


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